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Nino Punchlines & Philosopha Performing “Finish” and “I Don’t Care” at Murphys 9-3

September 8th, 2010    Posted in Uncategorized

Shout out to Number 2 and White Jesus for holding me and Philosopha down by allowing us to rock the stage at Murphys on September 3rd. The crowd was CRAZY and were giving us good energy during our entire set. Here is the footage of us performing “Finish” and “I Don’t Care” off of our mixtape Nightmare on Lexington Street which you can get for free on my site by clicking CD cover to the right of the page. Leave some comments to tell me what you think.

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Nino Punchlines & Philosopha performing Explosive & I Don’t Care

July 10th, 2010    Posted in Uncategorized

Shout out to Number 2, White Jesus and the whole Six Rings Camp for holding us down at Murphy’s for Championship Fridays. This is me and Philosopha’s performance of “Explosive” and “I Don’t Care” featured on the Nightmare on Lexington Street Vol. 1 mixtape. Downloadable @ – – – & here—->

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“New Mixtape” Nightmare on Lexington Street

April 5th, 2010    Posted in Uncategorized

Here it is “Nightmare on Lexington Street” Hosted by Stretch1. Download-> Nino Punchlines and Philosopha Presents: Nightmare on Lexington Street
Nightmare on Lexington Street

I would just like everyone who had a part in making this Mixtape! We put our heart and soul into this Project!

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“New Music” Moonlight

March 28th, 2010    Posted in Uncategorized

Nino Punchlines and Philosopha
This is the second leak off of “Nightmare on Lexington Street that is due out on Wednesday!

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“New Music” Nino Punchlines & Philosopha Explosive

March 22nd, 2010    Posted in Uncategorized

Philosopha and Nino Punchlines
It is only right for me to introduce Explosive as the first music post on since Explosive is the 1st Leak from “Nightmare on Lexington Street”. Be on the lookout for the Mixtape to be coming out soon!

Click here Explosive to download.

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